Root or Unroot Android Phones

Rooting process:

You can Root an android phone easily in a few steps.

1- Download Kingo app (18.3 MB size) from the following link.


2- Install the downloaded app on your PC. Follow the instructions in the installation process.


3-On your phone go to setting > Developer options. Select “stay awake” and “USB debug” options.

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4-In USB connection type select “Media sync”. Make sure you have USB driver for your phone installed on your PC otherwise you may have problems in connectivity.


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6-Connect your android phone to PC through USB and run the installed Kingo root app. You will see the following screens. Click Root and wait, it will take a couple of minutes.

6 7

At your phone screen you will see this


7-Ater phone has been rooted the following screen will appear.


Now you have successfully rooted your phone and you will find a supper user app in app drawer.

10  Screenshot_2015-04-16-10-31-01  Screenshot_2015-04-16-10-31-17

You have more control on your phone. You can uninstall unwanted apps including system appsIf you uninstall any built in app that you don’t like be very careful you will not be able to get it back even if you perform a factory reset.

Removing root:

In case you want to remove rooting the process is similar.

Reconnect your phone once more to your PC and run King root app. When the following screen appears click “Remove root” and wait until the process completes.


Enjoy and have fun. In case you have any questions or problems in this process feel free to leave a comment.


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