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Skip Login Password of Windows 8 & 10

Unlike the previous versions of Windows, where you can easily remove the password of your Windows account, in Windows 8 & 10 you must have to use password to login and access your PC. You want to get rid of this system? Yeah, that’s why you’re here. Here are some simple steps to do so.

Steps to remove password of Windows 8 & 10:

1- If you’re on Windows 8 then move to Start Menu then more apps and open Run but if you’re on Windows 10 then type Run in search box (as shown below) or simply press Windows key + R from your keyboard to open Run.… View full post

Fix Missing Dll Errors

The program can’t start because abcdegf.dll is missing……..Those tiny but annoying error messages which occurred when you wanted to run some of your favorite apps or games.

We should have a short introduction to DLLs. DLL stands for Dynamic Link Library, it consists of data, coding and resources. These are predefined or precoded files which are used for specific purpose in one or multiple applications.… View full post

Hide Confidential Files in Image

You have some secret files and you don’t want others to see these files. You have to send these files to some of your private fellows but you have fear of being checked these files by someone other than your party. Don’t worry here is something for your, with this method you can hide your confidential files in an image and then send that image or store it in your computer without any fear.… View full post