Fix Missing Dll Errors

The program can’t start because abcdegf.dll is missing……..Those tiny but annoying error messages which occurred when you wanted to run┬ásome of your favorite apps or games.

We should have a short introduction to DLLs. DLL stands for Dynamic Link Library, it consists of data, coding and resources. These are predefined or precoded files which are used for specific purpose in one or multiple applications. A DLL can b used by many or single windows application at the same time. Let’s have a look at an example. Suppose there are 4 windows applications, each one is developed for different purposes. When we run any of these applications, each of them first make a connection to a server which is located in Pakistan. But server is password protected, we have to enter login credentials to access the files on that server. These 4 applications don’t have the login credentials and even the owner of that server don’t want to share those login credentials. Owner of the server codes and encrypts a DLL file which logins to that server and allows the applications to access their specific files. Thus, these 4 applications only have to add a reference of that DLL, and that DLL will do all the stuff for each of them. In this way, applications have an access to those files and still login credentials are secured.

I think you have got the idea of DLL files. So, here are simple steps to fix any of your DLL error messages.

1- Download FindMyDll and install it.

2- Open FindMyDll, in search box write name of your missing dll and click search.

3- From the below list of searched dll files click on your dll file name and download it.

Note: If it didn’t find your dll file then click on Search Online Database, then from searched files click on your dll file and download it.


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