Headlights restoration

Vehicle headlights look old and blurry after a few years due to weather effects. You can remove weather effects and restore their shine very easily in a few minutes. Let me explain how to do that.

1- Initially headlights are looking blurry and dirty.

1  2


2- To restore their shine you need a tooth paste, Piece of cloth and some water.


3- Put some water on the head light and apply some tooth paste.


4- Make the piece of cloth wet and rub that paste for a couple of minutes.


5- Throw more water and wash it well. Now watch the difference.



Watch in a video

6- Repeat it for the other headlight. You can leave a corner untouched to compare.

7  8


Complete this work and do the corner that you left before.

10 12


That’s all. You used only a small amount of tooth paste, you can use the rest to shine your teeth.

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