Hide Confidential Files in Image

You have some secret files and you don’t want others to see these files. You have to send these files to some of your private fellows but you have fear of being checked these files by someone other than your party. Don’t worry here is something for your,¬†with this method you can hide your confidential files in an image and then send that image or store it in your computer without any fear.

1- Download Winrar from this link and install it.

2- Make a new folder and put your files in it and put any image of your choice with .jpg or .jpeg extension.


3- Select all of your confidential files and right click then click on Send to and then click on Compressed (zipped) folder then rename zipped file to something.

4- Now hold left Shift button on your keyboard and right click anywhere else in the folder where image file and confidential zip file is present and click on Open command window here.

5- Cmd will be opened, type following command in cmd to hide your files in an image.

copy /b (imagefilename).jpg + (nameofzipfile).zip (nameofnewimage).jpg

Let’s suppose we have an image (ball.jpg), zip file (myfiles.zip), our command will look like:

copy /b ball.jpg + myfiles.zip newball.jpg


To view your hidden files, open cmd using Step 3, type following command then right click on zipped file and click on Open with and open it with WinRAR Archiver.

rename newball.jpg newball.zip

To hide back, just reverse the above command as follow.

rename newball.zip newball.jpg


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