Skip Login Password of Windows 8 & 10

Unlike the previous versions of Windows, where you can easily remove the password of your Windows account, in Windows 8 & 10 you must have to use password to login and access your PC. You want to get rid of this system? Yeah, that’s why you’re here. Here are some simple steps to do so.

Steps to remove password of Windows 8 & 10:

1- If you’re on Windows 8 then move to Start Menu then more apps and open Run but if you’re on Windows 10 then type Run in search box (as shown below) or simply press Windows key + R from your keyboard to open Run.


2- Type netplwiz in Run app and press OK. A new app will be opened. Here, uncheck Users must enter a username and password to use this computer and press OK, it will ask again for password of your current account,enter and press OK. After this it will never ask you to enter password at startup.

Note: If Windows 8 users or even Windows 10 users are facing issue while following above procedure, they can watch below a short video.


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