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Thermostat test with boiling water

A thermostat controls flow of coolant  in a vehicle’s cooling system. It opens or closes according to the temperature of coolant when a vehicle’s engine is running. If it stops working it can be stuck open or stuck closed. It will result in high temperature of the engine, damage to the radiator or crack in the hose.

You can test a thermostat with simply boiling water.… View full post

Using OBD 2 scan tools

Fault codes (Trouble Codes):

When vehicle’s computer detects any problems with the engine, transmission, Fuel system, chassis etc, it saves information as a fault code or trouble code. Such fault codes usually turn Check Engine light ON on the dashboard.


OBD-II (On-Board Diagnostic):

All cars from 1996 or later must have OBD2. To check for faults you need to connect to your vehicle’s computer via an OBD2 adapter.… View full post