Uninstalling bloatware from android devices

Bloatware Apps:

Android is very famous, flexible and easy to use operating system developed for smart phones as well as tablet PCs. There are several aspects of Android OS which are not liked by many people (including me). One of these aspects is Bloatware apps.

Bloatware apps are pre-installed apps on your Android devices by your phone manufacturer. These apps sometimes are handy to perform several simple and basic functions. But sometime they become a source of trouble for users having low-end smart phones and facing low RAM issue. These apps run in the background and may consume considerable amount of memory. Luckily methods are available to remove such apps.

Note: Following method requires your Android device to be rooted. To become familiar with rooting please read this article.

Steps to remove bloatware apps:

Now you have a rooted phone. Let’s start the process.

1- Open Google Play on your device. Search for System App Remover (Root) and click install.

Alternatively, you can get installation file here. Download the apk file, put it in memory card or internal memory of your phone and just open it to install.

2- Run System App Remover app. Go to Menu, you can visit the Menu by clicking on arrow which is at upper left corner of the app.

3- Choose System app in Menu. Select apps you want to uninstall and click on Uninstall button.


5- After uninstalling the apps. Just open Recycle Bin in the Menu and choose their installation files and delete them.

That’s it. You are done, your phone is free from unwanted apps.

Note: Be careful while uninstalling bloatware apps. In case you delete some necessary OS files your phone will be bricked and damaged. You will have to flash Stock/Original ROM to recover it.

In case you have any question or problem in this process, feel free to leave a comment.


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